About Us

Fossilgrove is a premium seller of rare fossils.We specialise in Dinosaurs,Marine Reptiles and Mammalian Carnivores,Fossilgrove was started by George Corneille in 1994 and has gone from strength to strength .George has brought many rare fossils to the attention of the scientific community and that may include possible new species.Fossilgrove has supplied many collectors and Museums worldwide and is a business member in good standing of the Applied Association of Paleontological Sciences.George has also travelled widely in his quest for rare and interesting fossils and artefacts and that has taken him to Tucson and Munich and many other of the major world Fossil shows.George has also prospected in Morocco,North Africa,Hell Creek,Kansas Chalk and may other locations around the world and also contributes to many science publications primarily Deposits Magazine a UK based Fossil and rock publication.Fossilgrove is also a full premium business member with Paypal.