Other Fossils.

Stunning 50 million year old Fossil fish plate from the 19 inch layer of the Green River formation,Kemmerer Wyoming ,

,A huge Diplomystus measuring 18 inches long with a Priscacara serrata measuring 6 inches,beautiful prep work and fantastic detail.POA E-mail fossilgrove@eircom.net


 Beautiful Ammolite Baculite,Bearpaw peninsula Alberta Canada.

Cretaceous age and this specimen has Mosasaur bite marks. POA E-mail fossilgrove@eircom.net .

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Canus Lupus {Grey Wolf}

Pleistocene approx 15,000 years old ,found cave deposits,Ural Mountains Russia, Jaw measures 7 1/2 inches long approx. All the teeth are original. price 190 euro,